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Cross-domain errors with SharePoint Apps

When building SharePoint Apps, JavaScript can be used to communicate with your SharePoint environment. Lately I’ve got a couple of questions about how this works with CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing).

The problem people faced was that SharePoint was hosted on an URL like while the app itself was hosted on an URL like While developing Apps for SharePoint it’s a common and best practice to use totally different domains for security purposes (app isolation).

Within SharePoint there is something called the Cross-Domain library. This is not a document library within SharePoint, but a JavaScript file (SP.RequestExecutor.js) which contains files that allow you to perform CRUD operations within SharePoint from a different domain. It basically works as a proxy.

There are plenty of examples on how this library can be used, for example the article Access SharePoint 2013 data from apps using the cross-domain library on MSDN, but they still had issues getting it to work cross-domain.

The problem is that a lot of companies have their SharePoint URL as a Trusted Site or Local Intranet zone within their browser settings, but not the URL where the app is hosted. The cross-domain calls can only work if BOTH URL’s are added to the same zone! Or… not added at all. It will not work when placed in different security zones…

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