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Cross-domain errors with SharePoint Apps

When building SharePoint Apps, JavaScript can be used to communicate with your SharePoint environment. Lately I’ve got a couple of questions about how this works with CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing).

The problem people faced was that SharePoint was hosted on an URL like https://mytenant.sharepoint.com while the app itself was hosted on an URL like https://myapp.whatever.com. While developing Apps for SharePoint it’s a common and best practice to use totally different domains for security purposes (app isolation).

Within SharePoint there is something called the Cross-Domain library. This is not a document library within SharePoint, but a JavaScript file (SP.RequestExecutor.js) which contains files that allow you to perform CRUD operations within SharePoint from a different domain. It basically works as a proxy.

There are plenty of examples on how this library can be used, for example the article Access SharePoint 2013 data from apps using the cross-domain library on MSDN, but they still had issues getting it to work cross-domain.

The problem is that a lot of companies have their SharePoint URL as a Trusted Site or Local Intranet zone within their browser settings, but not the URL where the app is hosted. The cross-domain calls can only work if BOTH URL’s are added to the same zone! Or… not added at all. It will not work when placed in different security zones…

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